7 Common Link Building Mistakes by a New Blogger

7 Common Link Building Mistakes by a New Blogger

7 Common link building mistakes by a new blogger, We do not know much about the link building that it is the right way or wrong way for SEO. Whereby we do link building mistakes which can terminate our blog.

Nowadays, Many new bloggers are moving in the field of blogging. Because blogging is a good thing and the best way for online earning but link building error in blog or website is a threat to blogging career.

Mostly Blogger do Link Building Mistakes in their blog

But most bloggers do not know how to link and they do many common link building mistakes. Link building is an essential element for SEO. Link Building generally means to leave a link of your website on another high ranking websites such as – comment, guest post, link submission etc. to bring some traffic and domain authority.

If your website has high-quality backlinks then your website will be high rank in search engine. All the bloggers of today begin to make backlink. But sometimes they make link building mistakes that harm their blogs and they do not correct these mistakes. I will tell you about some common link building mistakes in this post, which you should avoid.

If you are experiencing traffic or domain authority on your blog, then you do not make these mistakes. So now don’t worry, here I am giving you a list about Link Building Mistakes which you should avoid.

1. Do not get Backlinks from Bad Reputation Sites:

One of the most common link building mistakes is that links to bad Reputation Sites. These mistakes they make when they count backlinks. They do not know whether this is a quality website or Bad Reputation websites. Google search engines never like some sites like gambling sites, spam blogs, and p***n sites. These sites can give you easily backlink but they are not of any use, but they have an impact on your SEO and ranking.

2. “Nofollow” attribute backlinks:

It is good to create links on insights that write quality content. Backlink with the ‘NoFollow’ attribute you will know about DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks. NoFollowBacklinks tell the search engine that you do not consider them and you will not get any interest in SEO from all the websites, from which websites you have generated Backlinks. If you have to get traffic and authority organically, do not create backlinks with NoFollowAttribute. You create the DoFollow link.

Example: NoFollow ‘Attribute

<a href = "www.uiuxstream.com" rel =" Nofollow ">Google </ a>

Rel =” Nofollow ” attribute is used to not crawl specific backlinks to Search Engine. Google ignores Nofollow links and will not be counted as backlinks for page rank.

3. Creating a lot of links on the home page:

Creating a lot of links on the home page is also the wrong way to create a backlink. Some bloggers make backlinks on the home page of their blogs and they do not pay attention which is a big mistake.

Make backlinks on your pages as well as on your other pages. Buying backlinks takes time to make backlinks. But some bloggers spend some bucks making backlinks and trying to save time. This is such a common link building mistakes that they do and it’s completely wrong. SEO companies offer high page rank backlink for a little money but these links will be considered spam and invalid by the search engine.

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4. Purchased backlinks:

Purchased backlinks can work first but after all, they can harm your ranking. Making more backlinks in less time it is one of the common link building mistakes, in the beginning, new bloggers start craving to make backlinks. Creating a lot of backlinks in a short time can be a spam link and can harm your blog’s or website SEO.

5. Getting Automatic Backlink:

Getting Automatic Backlink this is one of the most common mistakes. According to some search engine marketer, if we create a page of content, it will automatically link drive which is not the correct way.

If Automatic Backlink is coming to your blog or page, then you must check those backlinks.

6. Getting Backlinks from Irrelevant Sites:

Getting Backlinks from Irrelevant niche sites is also a common link building mistake that some bloggers do. When searching for backlinks, you should focus only on relevant sites.

For example, I write articles about blogging and if I link to travel or finance site, then it will not be of any use to me. What I mean to say is that will be a good thing if the link to a related niche site.

7. You should check Linked sites:

You should check Linked sites if your site is linked to another site then you must check them out. You have to check that the sites which you have got the link to are present or have been deleted.

According to my opinion, you should take good quality backlinks from related niche websites that will be a perfect way for high ranking.

I hope you will not do these common link building mistakes. If there is any question related to it, then you can comment below.

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