The top-level domain name (TLD) and domain name system (DNS)

The top-level domain name (TLD) and domain name system (DNS)

As we all know, there is nobody who controls all over the internet. I think everybody wants to know how allots the domain name to the users. So let’s start understanding the top-level domain name example and their extensions.

I want to tell you, the addressing system was designed by the IETF. IETF full form is the Internet Engineering Task Force.

The addressing system indicated names and numbers to identify the computer on the Internet. We know these numbers as IP(Internet Protocol) address and names as domain names. Nowadays on the Internet, every computer and mobile have an IP(Internet Protocol) address. The IP address contains four sets of numbers that separated by periods or dots. The numbers between the dots are called an octet. Every device IP address always unique for the given host.

The members became difficult to manage and remember. then a new method recognition of computers by names that we know as a domain name and that name represent a type of organization or a geographical location.

Below you can compare various top-level domain name (TLD)

For example

In this example, uiuxstream is a company name and .com is a type of organization.

Note: Any person can buy or register any top-level domain (TLD). these domain extensions only show domain geographic location and their purposes.

List of top-level domain name extensions

.com domain

It is the most popular extension and every big company or commercial organization used .com like, and many more.

.net domain

Internet Services Provider (Network Resources) but anybody registers this type domain

.mil domain

It is only used for United States government agencies like the US military.

.org domain

org stands for an organization like an (NGOs) non-profit government organizations, religious etc.

.gov domain

It is used for government department or organizations.

.edu domain

edu stands for education and it is used for the educational institution, schools, colleges, etc.

Some other optional extension according to countries. There are several extension but we will tell you some top countries and all others will be similar according to the country name.

  • .usa domain used for the United States of America
  • .in domain used for India
  • .ca domain used for Canada
  • .au domain used for Australia
  • .uk domain used for the United Kingdom
  • .fr domain used for France
  • .pk domain used for Pakistan
  • .ch domain used for Switzerland
  • .hk domain used for Hong Kong

You see above domain extensions according to countries name. If you want to check more you can visit at the Wikipedia where you can see almost all domain extension old and new.

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